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Our large Ricordeas are glued onto Reef disc. An original Ricordea of us you can notice at the engraving `RIC FARM`.


Ricordea-Farm.com offers four attractive collections of Ricordea-Florida especially designed for private customers. Due to the high demand of private clients we are now prepared to serve you with our very special Ricordea Florida!

Visit our onlineshop: shop.ricordea-farm.com

The collections are as follows:

I.         STANDARD - 3-Collection            Price: Euro 119,00 plus shipment
This collection contains 3 different coloured Ricordea Florida and one package (60g) of our high quality Coral-Energizer.

II.        EXPERT - 5-Collection                  Price: Euro 195,00 plus shipment
This collection contains 5 different coloured Ricordea Florida and one package (60g) of our high quality Coral-Energizer.

III.     PREMIUM – 10plus-Collection     Preis: Euro 379,00 plus shipment
This collection contains 10 different coloured Ricordea Florida and one package (60g) of our high quality Coral-Energizer.

VI.     PREMIUM+ – 25plus-Collection     Preis: Euro 899,00 plus shipment
This collection contains 25 different coloured Ricordea Florida and one package (400g) of our high quality Coral-Energizer.

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than delighted to assist you.

Dare a gaze in our Ricordea florida gallery and convince yourself of the magic and the color-multiplicity.

It is a pleasure for us to be available for any queries from your side.


Terms of payment

  • We accept Paypal-payments. Paypal is a simple and sure way of payment. You give your payment instructions directly and debit your account immediately. Please find more detailed information about Paypal by visiting www.paypal.com.
  • We don't send any deliveries to post office box-addresses but only to correct stated mail-addresses. As a carrier, we use TNT. The assumption of these deliveries is to be confirmed with your signature. In case you are interested in bigger deliveries, we are pleased to check out air-freights for you in order to keep the shipping costs as low as possible.
  • For international deliveries, an international air-freight-supplier, who serves the respective country, is necessary. The costs for the customs and dispatch are added to your bill additionally.

Further conditions

  • Please heed that Ricordeas are very tough animals and are rarely impaired on the basis of the delivery. However, an impairment can be given if extreme weather-conditions prevail or the carrier doesn't treat the delivery accordingly. We are not liable for animals, arriving dead (DOA's). In addition, no credits are performed with DOA's also.
  • However, we do offer professional and excellent package and shipping-systems!

International orders

Should you be interested in an international delivery please let us know before, so we can check all necessary authorities, like legal requirements and delivery-costs as well as the duration of the transportation, etc.

We deliver farm-raised Ricordea florida anemones descending from the most fantastic polyps created by nature!


Ricordea-Farm.com does not support any illegal activities and no depletion of the coral-reefs of the ocean and expels exclusively legal, farm-bred polyps. Help us to lay illegal suppliers the craft and to protect the natural habitats of this animals.





Gaining maximum colours in your seawater aquarium with Coral-Energizer

Coral Energizer
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new pictures of our Ricordeas online !!!

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Highlights for your sea water aquarium

Have a look at our Ricordeas from the Atlantic ocean.