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Diamonds of the Ocean

"Ricordea-farm.com." welcomes you to our home page!

We are distributor for Ricordea florida anemones in Europe with our headquarters located in Bayerfeld

We have been interested in Ricordea florida anemones for a long time and up to now there were no possibilities to find legal sources for real Ricordea florida anemones, that truly come from Florida.

After intensive investigation and preparation and cooperation with an expert-team in Florida, USA is the successful result of our efforts. We had the resources to start an independent Ricordea florida farm.


For sea-water-aquarium enthusiasts, our web page "Ricordea-farm.com" should be a particular delight. We are your partner for this unique, colorful and easy to handle anemones in and for Europe.

Our Ricordea florida anemones are 100 percent farm-raised in Florida. We deliver Ricordea florida anemones to your sea-water-aquarium!

Our divers provide us with the “crème de la crème” of the most exceptional animals from our farm. Conservation of the reefs are an absolute priority for us. In addition, we actively support the conservation and increase of this unique species through our action because of our farm concept.


We work circumspectly with a selective diving team and the corresponding know-how and focus the best Ricordeas. The most fantastic tones, nuances and combinations, that nature has created is the recipe for the exceptional quality and variety of our Ricordeas.

About us

Our love of sea-water-aquariums has a 10-year history. The first step of our "sea-water-career" started with a small reef-aquarium in our living room. We experienced successes and failures which led to ups and downs, experiences that each hobbyist probably underwent. Support of professionals, experienced hobbyists, specialists, internet-forums, etc. contributed to our development and success

Fascination of the uniqueness and color

We were captured by the uniqueness, color-splendor and variety of the Ricordeas. Our biggest desire was to have these animals for our aquarium - the most exceptional animals of the sea! We began to have thought about an independent diving-team, an own farm and the way our step to build up our own business.

These thoughts meant more than an idea to us and were were strongly motivated to make these animals available for passionate sea-water-hobbyists all over Europe! Wouldn´t it be a unique enrichment to have these exceptional and appealing animals available on the European market? And, moreover, to support the environment and species-protection with it all as well?

Nature as main actress

Nature plays the leading role and we care about it! We never would advocate the depletion of nature and decline illegal imports and exports. We learned about the farm of the Ricordeas and we visited the very special place in Florida: a Ricordea-farm in the Atlantic Ocean. We met the people and became familiar to their work and fell in love with it. Their know-how, sensitivity and the team's experience and knowledge guarantee that their work is done with the utmost diligence and consideration without any damage to nature.

As supporters and passionate friends of the oceans and its wildlife as well as the fascination of the uniqueness and beauty of the Ricordeas, nature and the protection of its species we are dedicated to the conservation and increase of this unique species.

What does Ricordea-Farm mean?

Our farm lies in the Atlantic. Licensed extraction of the Ricordeas creates free settlement-substratum. The increase of the Ricordeas is started in a natural way, by cautious harvesting of the animals. The anemones are sent directly to Düsseldorf and find shelter in our tank especially conceived for it.

Since the export of living rock is absolutely forbidden with regard to CITES-certification, the anemones are sent without any rock. It is our task to allow the animals on a suitable rock and to raise them. Since the Ricordeas shrink during the transportation because of the lack of light and stress, they need best conditions after their arrival and fully recover in our farm in Düsseldorf.
We sell selected polyps to other businesses and increase the quantity of polyps in our tank, so that we contribute to the protection of those species by breeding and increasing the number of polyps.

We hope to access passionate hobbyists to infect them with the love of Ricordea florida-anemones and to give a new impulse to sea-water-aquariums in Europe.

A gaze in our gallery convinces even sceptics and causes enthusiasm for these animals, which could be in your aquarium at home soon.